The Challenge:
The Toyota Landcruiser is the toughest car out there. It’s a beast of a machine, made for rough terrains and extreme weather conditions. In 2022, they released the new look. We wanted consumers to check out the new model while reminding them of the real benefits of owning a Landcruiser.
The Inspiration:
Many people changed their lifestyle and started spending more time at home, working, exercising, learning, and hanging out at home. And to do that everyone needed to free up space or wished they could expand their living space
The idea:
The Land Cruiser is made for outdoors even when parked. It doesn't enjoy the shelter of a petty garage. Leaving those garages empty. Perfect opportunity for Jordanians seeking more space in their homes. We encouraged the owners to repurpose these garage spaces and create a more needful space: playing area, office, in-home cinema, indoor garden, gym, etc.

Awards : Dubai Lynx 2022 - 3 x Bronzes in Outdoor Category
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