Saudi teenagers and youth, who comprise 60% of the population and are the top Internet consumers in Saudi Arabia, were unaware of the dangers of connecting to Public WiFi in locations such as malls or coffeeshops. They were equally unaware that stc, the largest telecom operator in the Kingdom, offered free and secure WiFi at these same locations, protecting them from hackers and lurkers preying on victims connecting to Public WiFi. stc needed to make Saudis, and specifically Saudi youth, aware of the dangers of connecting to Public WiFi, and promote its safe public network.
In a series of three visuals, we portrayed a seemingly normal and everyday moment, showing a person using Public WiFi on a phone, tablet, or laptop at a public location: at a coffeeshop, at a store, and at a food court. But there is a twist. Upon closer inspection, we realize that we can see everything that they’re browsing, we can see their chats, and we can their credit card information as they make a purchase. By taking that info that the user sees, which they think is completely private, and putting it on the other side for viewer to see, we demonstrate how public WiFi makes everything public.
stc successfully raised awareness on its secure WiFi hotspots across the Kingdom and finally gave Saudi teenagers and youth a sense of security even when they were outside. Instead of connecting to public locations and putting themselves and their data at risk, they now knew they are able to connect to stc’s free and secure WiFi hotspots.

AWARDS: Dubai Lynx Finalisit (2021) in Outdoor Category
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