The bookends are the product of a nine-month creative process. First process were illustrated designs that best reflected the three social issues linked to poverty. This required studying the appearance of the people who are most affected by such hardship – from their ethnicity and physique to their environment. The designs along with the proper references, were then handed to master sculptors who took four months to handcraft the figurines. Even the base, which serves as a doorway for the characters, received special attention. Once complete, the bookends were used in print, poster and online communication, before being the centerpiece of the in-store event.

Cannes Bronze (2013) in Promo & Activation
Cannes Shortlist (2013) in Outdoor
Cristal Festival France (2013) - Outdoor Grand Prix
Cristal Festival France (2013) - Outdoor Gold
Cristal Festival France (2013) - Promo & Activation Silver
Mena Crystal (2014) - Promo & Direct – Grand Prix
Mena Crystal (2014) - Promo & Direct (Best use of merchandising) – Gold
Mena Crystal (2014) - Promo & Direct (Best use of promo & direct) – Gold
Mena Crystal (2014) – Outdoor (Public Interest) Bronze
Mena Crystal (2014) – Outdoor (In store posters & displays) Bronze
Dubai Lynx 2xGold (2013) in Design and Outdoor
Dubai Lynx 2xSilver (2013) in Promo-Activation and Direct
Dubai Lynx 1 Bronze (2013) Promo & Activation
Prague International Advertising Festival (2013) Gold in Creative Design
Prague International Advertising Festival (2013) Gold in Creative Sales/Sales Support
New York Festival (2013) Bronze in Corporate Image, Information & Recruitment (Outdoor - Ambient: Products & Services)
New York Festival (2013) Finalist In Ambient (Direct & Collateral - Use of Medium)
New York Festival (2013) Finalist In Design (Use of Medium: Environmental Design – Point of Sale)
Won in WPPed Cream - Design Category
Cresta (2013) Bronze in Promo and Activation

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