How does a brand make people aware of its lesser-known Small Space Value Collection through a radio spot? IKEA did exactly that through some smart thinking, innovative executions, strategic media placements and optimum use of a limited budget.
IKEA drew parallels between the use and functionality of its Small Space Value Collection, a range of furniture that easily fits into any teeny-tiny space and puts it to big use, and the ability of the short radio spots to fit in unutilized, dead and unpredicted spaces on air. If there was a space (as less as 2 seconds) available between radio ads, we used it to fit our radio spot. If RJs took a pause, or was waiting for someone to pick up their calls, we plugged in our radio that could actually fit anywhere. Quite like IKEA’s Small Space Value Collection.

Dubai Lynx 2022  - Grand Prix in Radio and Audio Category
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